Happy Valentine’s Day


“Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile.” ~ Anna Olsen

Would you like to capture the heart of your valentine ? The art of giving something you baked is something special.

Giving up time to bake, has a powerful effect on both the giver and receiver. Handing over something you have taken the time and effort to prepare just for that person says more than “Here, have some Apple Bar” . We believe it says, “ I care about you. You are loved and in my thoughts”

It is the act of offering not the offering itself that nourishes the heart. No one would say no to your effort. Affection is making real the warm thoughts you have for others.

We baked this apple bar using our EVOO to make a light “shortbread like” base , topped with cooked apple and heart shaped shortbread to share for Valentine’s Day. Truly an act of love.

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Sui Tham (Mother, Wife, Farmer, Olive Oil Producer)


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