Friday Baking Inspiration: Zucchini Cupcakes


Zucchini cupcakes anytime!
Fill your kitchen this weekend with the aroma of cinnamon .

Our cupcakes (bread) are moist and delicious (no hint of veggies in them) and have the added benefits of being made with good fats (our Frantoio EVOO).

We would rather take our “medicine” in form of a cupcake than as a pill. These Zucchini Cupcakes are baked with cinnamon. You know cinnamon is good for your right?  Loaded with antioxidants, anti inflammatory properties and also helps you lose visceral fat.

Kitchen Tips.  Friday baking bonus stress relief. We use cinnamon quills and they are lovingly pulverised with a granite mortar and pestle, a great stress relieving tool!

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Sui Tham (Mother, Wife, Farmer, Olive Oil Producer)


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