Friday Baking Inspiration: EVOO Tea Cakes


Friday Baking Inspiration: EVOO Tea Cakes (we like to think it’s a cousin of  Madeleines).

The aroma of cakes being baked in a house gives that warm cosy feeling. Pure calm and comfort. Truly something special.

While the original Madeleine (a shelled shaped individual sponge cake) is made with butter, we made these with our Frantoio EVOO. Why not, slip in some healthy fats when we are indulging in home baked goodies.

Sending warm hugs and wishes to all Mums this weekend, even while social distancing we can keep connected with our children.

A  batter that can be made in advanced and kept in the fridge until needed. It takes less than 10 minutes to bake.  Warm cakes for breakfast or afternoon tea.

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Sui Tham (Mother, Wife, Farmer, Olive Oil Producer)


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